Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am in the process of switching us over to all green, organic and natural goods and products. It'll take some time, but I just wanted to mention some scores I got this week :)

1) 3 seventh generation dryer sheet packs, $1 ea.( clearanced @ stop&shop)
2) 1 bottle seventh gen. dish soap, $1.50 (Trucchi's)
3) 3 double pks. of gerber organic bananas, $1 for all three (Trucchi's)
4) 2 pks. of 8ct Apple & Eve juice boxes, $1 for both (stop&shop)
5) 2 Marcal small steps paper towels, .60 for both (Trucchi's)

I was thrilled to get these goodies for so cheap! FYI, I combined sales and/or clearance prices with coupons.

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